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Help Center

. What is CBSC?

CBSC has cooperated with many business partners with different products per
company. Will be available online, which can be convenient for all buyers in Cambodia. We
also have many other services to serve your needs. 

Make branding coffee:  If you want to run own coffee shop, we have service for consulting
about how to build own brand.

. Finding Products

We have three ways to find products on website:
  - Search: Enter title or code in the search bar what you are looking for on website.
 - Categories: Choose categories of products to see which one you need.
 - Contact Info: Please contact with phone number or Email to get informations.

. How to be a partners?

Are you looking for cooperating?
Please contact us to get information for becoming a partner by Email:

or find us on facebook page:

. Ordering & Payment

When you need to order any goods, you can send request order online via or offline by contacting to my Email, or phone number to
my team work.

We strongly remcomend placing orders online. This way, we can help you track
your order and provide goods to you. You have to check or test your products before you take it.

You can make payments via Wing, True Money, E-Money, or directing to my team work.

. Shipping Delivery

We have logistic service partner major freight forwarder to provide product in Phnom Penh and
all provinces in Cambodia.

Note: If you can not find your goods, Please to our teams to ask for a logistic solutions.